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DMO1Dag Makary Opolski, the founder of the law firm, is a legal adviser with a commendable track record of consultancy work for Polish and international business entities.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin where he worked in the years 1985 - 1997 (Institute of Business and Commercial Law in the Civil Law Department). From 2000 to 2006 he lectured on securities law at the School of Business and Administration in Lublin. Since 1991 he has conducted lectures and classes for candidates for supervisory boards, stock brokers, and investment advisers. He has also run specialized courses on company law and capital market law at the Privatization Center Foundation in Warsaw, Lublin Business School at the Development Foundation of the Catholic University of Lublin, and at Jan Zamoyski College of Humanities and Economics in Zamość  to name but a few.
In 1991 he was appointed legislative specialist and adviser to the President of the Securities Commission.

Dag Makary Opolski has been practising law since 1989, initially as a sole practitioner and in the years 1991 - 2004 as a named partner of Kochan Mierzwa Opolski Law Office. In January 2005he established his own law firm, and in January 2011 became a partner of DMO Law Firm.



Our law firm is a continuation of Dag Makary Opolski Legal Advisor’s Office established in January 2005...



Our team consists of trustworthy, passionate and fully committed lawyers, specialists in their respective areas of expertise...



We take pride in providing comprehensive services to several business entities including listed companies...