Kancelaria Dag M. Opolski

Considerable experience in business consultancy services translates into experience in all types of court and arbitration proceedings. We represent clients in court proceedings (claims, litigation, bankruptcy and writ-of-payment proceedings), in the arbitration proceedings and in the administrative proceedings, both in cases of conflicts between shareholders and cases concerning non-performance or inadequate performance of contractual obligations or infringements of labour regulations.

We advise our clients early on about adequate solutions in this area. However, once a conflict arises, we liaise with our clients and agree on the manner of solving it through negotiation, mediation or litigation.
We offer our assistance in litigations relating to securities and capital markets (foreign exchange options).



Our law firm is a continuation of Dag Makary Opolski Legal Advisor’s Office established in January 2005...



Our team consists of trustworthy, passionate and fully committed lawyers, specialists in their respective areas of expertise...



We take pride in providing comprehensive services to several business entities including listed companies...