Kancelaria Dag M. Opolski

Depending on the type of assignment, we offer a flat-rate fee for all work described in the offer or a settlement based on hourly rates. In cases justified by the nature of the assignment, we also apply the flat-rate remuneration or a mixed remuneration scheme (flat and hourly rates). For highly complex litigations or court administrative proceedings, we suggest a success fee.
For regular customers as well as in the case of complex and time-consuming assignments, we offer lower rates than the baseline.
In order to ensure transparency in the relationships with our clients, we keep a record of all activities performed and the time they take. On request, we attach to each invoice a detailed specification of all activities taken.



Our law firm is a continuation of Dag Makary Opolski Legal Advisor’s Office established in January 2005...



Our team consists of trustworthy, passionate and fully committed lawyers, specialists in their respective areas of expertise...



We take pride in providing comprehensive services to several business entities including listed companies...