Kancelaria Dag M. Opolski

Years of practice have brought us a lot of experience in negotiating, drafting and giving opinions on contracts and other documents of a similar nature such as contest regulations, promotions, loyalty programmes, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. Apart from practical aspect of a given contract and the aim it sets to achieve, we also pay attention to such issues as the resolution of any disputes regarding the performance or settlement of the contract.

Lawyers who specialise in this area, after an in-depth analysis of the client’s business goals, will propose a draft of a standard agreement in the form of a template or a specific agreement of a single transaction, such as a contract for the sale or purchase of shares. We are also ready to draft managerial or employment contracts with the non-competition clause. The documents we prepare are submitted along with detailed instructions describing the rules governing the specific contract.
Naturally, drafts of such agreements is subject to consultations and negotiations with your business partners to ensure that a satisfactory solution is reached.

Capitalising on our rich and varied experience, we are in a position to discern  weak points of the given aspect of business activity or a contract, or simply to update them with due consideration for the ever-changing provisions of the law.

We offer a close analysis of existing contracts, including employment contracts, in terms of their correctness and viability, alterations to the agreements proposed by the contractors or in the contracts concluded by the company with consumers. You can also request an opinion concerning, for instance, the contractual obligation to perform or adequacy of performance of the contracts concluded .
We have also a lot of experience in preparing legal opinions for companies relating to the construction of the provisions regulating their business activity i.e. those included in the Code of Commercial Companies, in the Law on Public Contracts and in many others.



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